AEMH 23-002 New AEMH Statutes (English)

AEMH 23-002 New AEMH Statutes (French)

AEMH 23-003 AEMH Financial situation 2022

AEMH 23-005 EMOs MoU

AEMH 23-007 Draft budget 2024

AEMH 23-008 National Report Austria

AEMH 23-009 National Report Slovakia

AEMH 23-010 3rd Vice President report to the board meeting April 2023

AEMH 23-012 Participants List GA Brussels

AEMH 23-013 National Report Germany

AEMH 23-014 AEMH activity report 

AEMH 23-015 National Report Portugal

AEMH 23-016 National Report Belgium

AEMH 23-017 National Report Italy

AEMH 23-018 National Report Greece

AEMH 23-019 National Report Switzerland

AEMH 23-020 National Report Luxembourg

AEMH 23-021 AEMH position on shortage of doctors

AEMH 23-022 AEMH position on taskshifting

AEMH 23-025 Treasurer report

AEMH 23-026 National Report Spain

AEMH 23-027 Draft Minutes 76th Plenary Brussels 

AEMH 23-028 Internal Auditor Report

AEMH 23-029 National Report Norway

AEMH 23-030 Statement on shortage of doctors and task shifting in Europe

AEMH 23-034 An Introduction to the Belgian healthcare system

AEMH 23-035 The candidate medical specialist in Belgium

AEMH 23-036 AEMH GA shortage and taskshifting France

AEMH 23-037 Taskshifting in Sweden

AEMH 23-038 Healthworkforce CPME position

AEMH 23-039 Shortage of doctors - CEOM position

AEMH 23-040 Shortage of doctors - EJD position

AEMH 23-041 Shortage of doctors - EMSA position

AEMH 23-042 Shortage of doctors - UEMO position

AEMH 23-043 Shortage of doctors - UEMS position

AEMH 23-044 CEOM activity report

AEMH 23-045 CPME activity report 

AEMH 23-046 EJD activity report

AEMH 23-047 EMSA activity report

AEMH 23-048 UEMO activity report

AEMH 23-049 National Report Sweden

AEMH 23-050 EMOs letter to the EC for health

AEMH 23-051 Task shifting - FEMS position

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